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Is your job just too ‘snuggly’?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I was in a job I loved, working for an organisation I believed in, collaborating with colleagues I respected and enjoyed working with. So why did I turn all that on its head?

Why did I decide to pursue my own freelancing dream and explore what it’s like to own my own business as a voice over artist?

Sometimes comfortable can be too comfortable
Is this you?

And why did I feel compelled to do this despite being content where I was?

Well, I think the answer lies right there in the word ‘content’. Sometimes that just ain’t enough. My job was just getting too damn snuggly.

I needed a new challenge, a new spark - and I needed to feel uncomfortable and exposed and feel the energy that comes with that.

Is this who you really want to be until retirement?

For many mid-career professionals, it’s a time of feeling respected in your field, being recognised by your peers in the industry and generally earning a decent salary. But like any relationship, all of these snuggly, functional aspects of a career may not be enough to make you happy long term.

I had reached that point but felt if I was to ‘pivot’ (yes, new trendy term….) I wanted to do it in a considered way and not in my early-20’s way of quitting on Friday and job-hunting on Monday.

Invest in yourself

I did something unusual for me - I invested in myself and saw a career coach. I have to say it was one of the best investments I have ever made, and if you are in a position to do it, I would recommend it.

Lucy helped to focus my skills so I understood not just what I am good at doing, but what energises me and fuels me. Wow, what a difference that can make to your outlook! Just because you’re good at something doesn’t always mean you actually find it rewarding all of the time.

Take a leap and feel the energy that comes.
Take a leap and feel the energy that comes.

I think we often end up in careers because our aptitude has suggested it makes sense to go that way, and it’s a paid job and hey why wouldn’t we? But if you’re in a position to let yourself be honest with yourself you may find there’s a voice in there that says - actually, I couldn’t care less about writing strategic plans or managing a big team of people, I’d rather be designing websites, landscaping gardens or being a guidance counsellor.

And that’s where I got to. Turns out I’m fueled by storytelling (can’t you tell by my ramblings?), by performing, and by helping people. Luckily I get quite a lot of that in my ‘other’ job too, so it seemed too much to throw that away, but I just needed to tip the balance more in my favour with more of the fueling aspects of day to day worklife.

Strive to be the best version of you

If you can take the leap to take a risk - just take it.

You will be rewarded by an inner strength you may have not known you had, and I sense of authenticity that is truly empowering.

I may not be earning gazzilions (yet!) but the feeling of taking the leap and being my own boss is priceless.

If you are feeling too cosy in your job, perhaps consider seeing a careers coach. And of course if you’re looking for a voice over artist for anything you may be working on….well I know a really great one to work with… :-)

Rachel is a freelance voice over artist who makes the whole process easier by providing an end-to-end studio to client service at a reasonable cost. Apparently she’s super friendly and lovely to work with too.

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