"Rachel's diversity of character and voice are her strengths. She intuitively knows how to connect and engage with an audience. I'm always impressed by Rachel's range and abilities. She's personable, thoughtful, professional and open to giving new approaches a go. Definitely our number one choice for presentation and voiceover projects."


Kerry Deane

Digital Experience Manager

Open Polytechnic

"Rachel is a total star to work with. Whether it’s a clear, informative presentation, or an exaggerated character performance, she gives it her all. Having worked with her on many educational animations, and the occasional sleep deprived 48 hours animation, I wouldn’t  hesitate for a second to recommend her. She’s also a genuinely lovely person - what more could you ask for?"


Chris Callus

Freelance Animator


“I’ve used Rachel’s voice talents and presenting skills for the past two years on numerous video projects. Rachel is always professional, a pleasure to work with, and her work behind the mic or in front of the camera is top class. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”


Reuben King

Video Producer/Director


“Rachel is great to work with! She can perform a number of different voices and tones with ease and takes direction really well. She is one of our pro voice actors and always my go to person when I need a clear and fun animation or video to be made.”


Danesh Silvam


Open Polytechnic


Rachel Simon Voice Over Artist

Voiceover Artist from Wellington NZ

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